Our Leadership
Pioneering Change
Our leadership team is the driving force behind our vision, mission, and values. With decades of combined experience in property management, contractor services, infrastructure, and real estate development, our leaders bring expertise, passion, and a forward-thinking approach to our operations.
Together, we embody dedication, resilience, and innovation. We light the path forward, united by our shared vision, goals, and values.
Founder & CEO
Hubert Pastuszka
Hubert is a multifaceted leader whose extensive background spans a diverse array of fields including real estate asset management, law, finance, advertising and marketing, and construction. His comprehensive experience has played a vital role in establishing Property Brands International as a global leader in property management, real estate development, construction, and infrastructure. Hubert's vision is to strategically acquire renewed property brands and leverage their expertise and experience to fuel the company's growth across multiple sectors on a global scale.
As a visionary leader, Hubert embraces change and innovation as a catalyst for growth. He has an uncanny ability to foresee market trends and translate them into actionable strategies that propel Property Brands International forward. His commitment to excellence and tireless pursuit of innovation have set the company on a trajectory of sustained growth, positioning it as a key player in the global real estate market.
Hubert is known for his analytical prowess, strategic decision-making skills, and a meticulous approach to every project. His leadership style is characterized by dedication and resilience, which he shares with his team, encouraging them to work diligently toward their goals. He excels at building strong relationships with key stakeholders, clients, and partners, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration that has been instrumental in the company's success.
In addition to his achievements as a business leader, Hubert is also a respected figure in the legal and financial sectors. His background in law and finance has equipped him with a unique perspective on the property market, enabling him to navigate complex transactions with ease. He brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and insights to the company, strengthening its reputation as a reliable and innovative property management and real estate development firm.
Hubert is a consummate professional who embodies the values of dedication, resilience, and innovation. His multifaceted experience, forward-thinking vision, and ability to foster strong relationships have been instrumental in establishing Property Brands International as a leading force in the global property market. Under Hubert's leadership, the company is well-positioned to continue its impressive trajectory of growth and innovation.
Partner & CEO
Harry Gill
Harry is a seasoned professional whose profound experience in the world of operations and real estate spans over three decades. His deep-seated knowledge, honed through years of hands-on experiences, has significantly contributed to the strategic growth and positioning of Property Brands International in the global real estate arena. Harry's vision of reshaping and redefining property management, real estate development, and infrastructure aligns seamlessly with the company's mission to acquire and harness the prowess of renowned property brands for global expansion.
As a seasoned strategist, Harry is an embodiment of transformational leadership. He possesses a unique knack for understanding the intricacies of real estate markets and operational dynamics. This, coupled with his proactive approach to anticipating industry shifts, ensures that Property Brands International remains at the forefront of the sector. His commitment to the company's growth is unparalleled, with a focus on driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation in every operational endeavor.
Harry's leadership style is characterized by pragmatism and perseverance. He instills a sense of unity and purpose among his team, fostering a culture where creativity meets operational excellence. His ability to galvanize teams, aligning them with the company's overarching goals, has been a defining factor in the numerous successes of Property Brands International.
Beyond his operational acumen, Harry is revered for his deep domain expertise in real estate. His three-decade journey in the sector has equipped him with insights and skills that are invaluable to the company. From strategic acquisitions to forging partnerships, Harry's stewardship has seen the company navigate through challenging terrains, emerging stronger and more resilient.
Harry Gill stands as a beacon of operational and real estate expertise at Property Brands International. His relentless pursuit of excellence, strategic vision, and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation positions the company as a leading entity in the global property landscape. With Harry, Property Brands International is poised for continued success and groundbreaking achievements.
Chief Financial Officer
Manuel Mitchell
Manuel brings with him a robust two-decade legacy in finance management, specifically within the real estate sector. His profound understanding of financial intricacies in real estate has consistently fortified the financial foundations of the company.
An adept strategist, Manuel's financial acumen is unmatched. He seamlessly integrates traditional financial management principles with innovative strategies tailored for the real estate domain. This blend of experience and innovation ensures Property Brands International's financial stability and growth.
Under Manuel's stewardship, the company has witnessed fiscal resilience, even in volatile market conditions. His visionary financial leadership, combined with a keen sense of real estate market dynamics, has made him an indispensable asset to Property Brands International.
In essence, Manuel epitomizes financial excellence in real estate. His 20-year journey has cemented his role as a linchpin in driving the fiscal vision and stability of Property Brands International.
Chief Operating Officer
Jack Morton
Jack stands tall with an impressive 18-year track record, deeply entrenched in construction, infrastructure, and real estate development. His vast experience in these sectors has shaped him into an operational maestro, crucial to orchestrating and realizing the company's ambitious projects. With a keen sense for detail and an innate understanding of industry dynamics, Jack ensures every venture is executed seamlessly, upholding the company's reputation for excellence.
Under his astute leadership, Property Brands International has consistently unveiled projects that epitomize precision, efficiency, and innovation. Jack possesses an unparalleled ability to synergize the complexities of real estate development with the robust demands of construction. This unique skill set, combined with his relentless pursuit of operational perfection, solidifies his pivotal role in steering Property Brands International towards its global aspirations.
Chief Growth Officer
Hester Schmidt
Hester, serving as the Chief Growth Officer of Property Brands International, boasts a stellar career spanning 25 years, dedicated to real estate development, property management, and infrastructure. Her vast experience has sculpted her into a visionary strategist, uniquely positioned to identify opportunities and steer the company towards exponential growth. Throughout her journey, Hester has seamlessly merged her understanding of real estate intricacies with her innate ability to forecast market potentials, setting the stage for Property Brands International's ascendancy in the industry.
Under Hester's forward-thinking leadership, the company has consistently embarked on ventures that have not only expanded its footprint but also solidified its stance in the global property landscape. Her acute understanding of property management and infrastructure, combined with her innovative approach to growth, ensures that Property Brands International remains at the cutting edge of its domain. With Hester at the growth helm, the company is primed for unparalleled expansion and industry leadership.
Chief Marketing Officer
Eric Green
Eric carries a commendable 20-year legacy in the marketing arena. His profound understanding of branding and market dynamics has solidified him as a key architect behind the company's image and outreach. Over two decades, Eric has masterfully maneuvered through the evolving landscape of marketing, combining traditional principles with innovative techniques to keep Property Brands International at the forefront of its industry.
Guided by Eric's visionary leadership, the company's marketing initiatives have consistently resonated with its target audiences, carving a niche in an ever-competitive market. His ability to craft compelling narratives, coupled with his knack for identifying emerging trends, ensures that Property Brands International remains a step ahead in its branding and engagement efforts. With Eric's seasoned hand steering the marketing wheel, the company stands poised to continually capture the attention and admiration of its global clientele.
Chief Human Resource Officer
Emilie Torres
Emilie brings with her a dynamic 12-year journey dedicated to the multifaceted world of human resources. Her dedication to fostering talent and creating nurturing work environments has established her as an instrumental figure in shaping the company's organizational culture and workforce dynamics. Over her career, Emilie has not only navigated the traditional HR pathways but has also integrated innovative approaches to talent management, setting Property Brands International on a course of consistent team excellence.
Guiding the company with a people-first philosophy, Emilie's strategies have consistently been centered around employee growth, well-being, and engagement. Her ability to understand individual potentials and align them with the company's vision has played a pivotal role in building a cohesive and motivated team. As Property Brands International continues its global expansion, with Emilie's expertise in the HR realm, it is ensured that the human capital of the company remains its strongest asset, driving success and innovation from within.
Our Leadership & Culture
Empowering Leadership Drives our Innovation and Collaborative Success
Simple Philosophy
Our leadership values collaboration over hierarchy. Every voice and idea is essential, with collective intelligence fueling innovation. To us, leadership isn't about authority, but serving our employees, clients, and communities.
Upholding Our Values
Our leadership embodies our core values, championing a culture of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity. They lead by example, ensuring our values guide every decision and interaction with clients, stakeholders, and communities.
Driving Growth & Innovation
Our leaders are committed to driving growth and staying ahead in our dynamic industry. They prioritize adaptability, resilience, and continuous learning. Their emphasis on innovation and technology not only prepares us for the future but inspires a culture of excellence, adding value for our clients and communities.
Charting What's Next
Our leaders stay attuned to current industry trends while also focusing on future possibilities. Their proactive approach ensures we're prepared for both present challenges and upcoming opportunities, positioning us to remain ahead and consistently drive positive progress.
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