Property Management
We offer a comprehensive range of property management solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. From residential and commercial properties to public property management at federal, provincial, and municipal levels, we ensure peace of mind for property owners and a quality living and working experience for tenants.
From tenant relations to 24/7 maintenance and financial oversight, we will protect your investment, ensure tenant satisfaction, and enhance your property's value.
Tailored To You
Success Through Excellence
Tenant Services
• Tenant Screening
Comprehensive background, credit, and reference checks.
• Lease Management
Drafting, reviewing, and renewing lease agreements.
• Rent Collection
Efficient and timely collection of rents.
• Tenant Communication
Addressing concerns, complaints, and inquiries.
• Move-In/Move-Out Inspections
Detailed property inspections to assess conditions.
Property Maintenance
• Routine Maintenance
Regular inspections and repairs to keep properties in top condition.
• Emergency Maintenance
24/7 services for any unforeseen repairs or issues.
• Landscaping & Groundskeeping
Ensuring properties remain aesthetically pleasing.
• Vendor Management
Sourcing and overseeing contractors and service providers.
Financial Management
• Monthly Reporting
Detailed income and expense reports.
• Budgeting
Developing and maintaining budgets for property expenses.
• Bill Payment
Managing utility, tax, insurance, and other payments.
Marketing & Leasing
• Property Listings
Advertising on top platforms to find the right tenants.
• Property Showings
Arranging and conducting viewings for potential tenants.
• Market Analysis
Keeping abreast of current rental rates to maximize your ROI.
Legal & Compliance
• Eviction Procedures
Managing the process legally and professionally, if necessary.
• Compliance Checks
Ensuring properties comply with local regulations and laws.
• Legal Guidance
Keeping you informed about landlord-tenant laws.
Technology & Innovation
• Digital Portals
Online access for both owners and tenants for payments, requests, and communication.
• Security
Implementing modern security measures, including surveillance and alarm systems.
• Energy Efficiency
Recommendations and implementations to save energy and reduce costs.
Why Us
Property Brands International
Our team comprises certified and trained professionals passionate about property management.
Our property owners have 24/7 access to all reports and communication tools.
Customized Approach
Each property is unique, and we customize our approach to suit your individual needs.
Affordable Fees
Competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service.
Our Head Office
2 Robert Speck Parkway, 7th Floor
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8 Canada
Let's Work Together
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